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Elements by 6Qube internet marketing software offers a FREE Platform that enables small business owners to create search engine optimized business listings, press releases and articles. Our local internet marketing software was designed specifically for small business owners who are lacking the elements to compete locally on major search engines. There are major advancements in local search exposure with Google Places, Yahoo Local and Bing Local that if you as a business owner are not making local placement your top priority, you are missing the thousands of prospects searching for you right now on major search engines.

Our Free Business Listing gives users high quality and relevant backlinks with business information, photos, videos and much more to help increase online exposure on a local level.

The search engine optimization functionality for free business listings, free press releases and free articles is already built into the application making search engine optimization incredibly easy for the user. By simply picking the keywords that you want to target, Elements by 6Qube automatically creates folder-based backlinks on all sections of your listings and does all the network and on-page optimization for you instantly. With our Free Business Listing platform you can:

  • Create up to 3 SEO Free Business listings for your locations and service areas.
  • Create up to 3 SEO Press Releases to create local citations for your business.
  • Create up to 3 SEO Articles to create local citations for your business.
  • Advanced web analytics so you can know where your prospects are coming from.
  • Content distributed to all your listings, press releases and articles automatically.

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